Saturday, August 24, 2013

Marrying a U.S. Citizen while in Deportation/Removal will not always help (Avoid the Pitfalls)

Many factors will decide whether marrying a U.S. Citizen while in Immigration Court will get your case terminated and a green card for your alien spouse. A petition for your alien spouse can be filed but there are special procedures not normally done because your spouse is in immigration court. A written exemption has to be requested and more evidence is required than normal because the presumption is that the marriage is not legitimate if it occurred during immigration court proceedings. There are also special procedures to follow if your petition is approved to apply for the green card.

Plan carefully and make sure you know the rules or you could wind up spending $1500 or more in government fees only to have your petition and green card application denied.

Please contact a licensed Immigration attorney before you act on your specific situation. Immigration Laws and Federal Regulations are constantly changing and the general information provided can change over time.

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