Monday, July 22, 2013

Student Visas to the U.S. can be difficult but there ways to get a visa if you understand the system

If you understand the U.S. Immigration System and some basic common sense you will have greater success in obtaining your student visa. The U.S. wants to make sure that if you come here that you will return to your country and not try to permanently stay in the U.S.

When applying for a Student Visa you will need to show proof of your ties to your home country. Ties to your home country means that you have important things in your home country that you could lose if you did not return. Things that you could lose by not returning to your home country would be family, community, friends, money/property or a job. A U.S Embassy and U.S. Customs will look at things like a person’s age financial resources and the financial resources or your family in your home country. They will also look at whether you have any family here in the U.S. and which country you are coming from and the current conditions in that country. Some people will have a very difficult time trying to get a visa based on your country and the kind of ties you have to that country. Planning well before you apply for a student visa and using some common sense based on what the U.S. Consulate and U.S. Customs will be looking at will help improve your chances of getting a student visa and studying in the U.S.

Please contact a licensed Immigration attorney before you act on your specific situation. Immigration Laws and Federal Regulations are constantly changing and the general information provided can change over time.

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